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Wedding Services

Our hair stylists and makeup artists are highly experienced in bridal makeup artistry and styling.

Our team will travel out to the bridal party’s location and spend an hour per person, per service making each person from the bridesmaid to the flower girl, mother to grandmother and of course the bride feel and look their absolute best. We aim to make the entire process as stress free and as enjoyable as possible and with this in mind we will do our absolute best to accommodate the individual needs of each person.

Wedding Hair and Makeup Trials
We highly suggest booking a makeup trial and hair trial in advance of your wedding day in order to meet you makeup artist and stylist and get to know them before the wedding date. This also gives them a chance to create a unique look that is in line with your vision and ensures you have complete piece of mind in knowing how it will wear and photograph for the wedding. We also have a large catalogue of reference images available to provide inspiration for those clients who are unsure about what they want for their wedding day. Our team are experts in guiding women in what will suit them, what is on trend and what will wear and photograph well based on their specific features. We encourage our brides to coincide their trial with an event if possible so that they can get the most out of their makeup and hair and and experience it in a more formal setting with opportunity for potential feedback from friends and family.

Ahead of the Wedding Day
Once a booking is locked in with us we will send out a comprehensive booking confirmation that will clarify all the details for the wedding day and also provide suggestions about complimentary services that we are often asked about including lashes, tanning, nails, facials and retouch products. Payment information including deposit due dates is also communicated in the booking confirmation.

On the Wedding Day
Whether you have booked one or both services through TxC we will work alongside the hair stylist or makeup artist present on the day and carry out a flexible “tag team” system whereby hair and makeup will alternate so that we ensure every person is guaranteed both services and receive the allocated full hour. We allocate this time frame in order to remove the stress of strict time management on the wedding day and to be able to revisit each person at the end of the booking to retouch and refresh their hair and / or makeup. This is especially important for larger bridal party groups that are using a single artist, as it means lipstick and powder can be applied last for longevity and to ensure a flawless start to the day.

Payment and Deposits
Our standard rate for makeup applications and hair styling is $120 per person, per service. This price is the same for trials. For makeup applications this is also inclusive of false lashes if they are requested. Travel is included in many circumstances however it is based around a maximum 30 minute travel each way for the TxC team member. Additional costs are required for distances in excess of this time allocation however it is determined on a POA basis. We ask for a $20 deposit per person, per service in advance of the booking date. The date of due deposits is communicated in the booking confirmation. We ask that deposits to be paid on time in order to secure the artist and or stylist.

Securing a Team
In order for us to secure a hair stylist or makeup artist for your wedding day, we will need to know the following details:
The date
The location
The number of people requiring hair
The number of people requiring makeup
A contact number
Preferred start time (based on services taking an hour per person)
It is preferred that these details are communicated via email so we can refer to the details for easy and accurate referencing.